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Limiting Ourselves to Gifts


Okay, let's break this down. We have been taught all about the giftings God has given us to function in and to use to release Heaven on Earth. We know all about the five fold ministry. We even like to classify ourselves as more prophetic than pastoral, or more a teacher than an evangelist. We end up identifying ourselves in the limits of our gifting. Now, don't get me wrong. The five fold ministry is necessary within the church. Everyone operating with their gifting on the face of the earth is necessary to release the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. But is that it? Is that where we stop?

Here's another thing to ponder the five fold ministry required in Heaven? Will your giftings make room for you in Heaven?

I don't think so. Here's why I say that. There will be no sick people to heal in Heaven. There will be no unsaved people to evangelize in Heaven. Do you see where I'm going with this?

The gifts make room for us here on earth. They will not be our ministry in Heaven. So if we just focus on our giftings, who will we be in Heaven when those giftings are no longer required?

It is time to activate our spirit in the Realms of our Father, pursuing His Kingdom and who we are in His Kingdom. We are more than just a pastor, teacher, evangelist, apostle, prophet, street healer, missionary, worship leader, story writer, etc... We are all these things, but most of all we are Sons of the King.

Joseph Sturgeon said, "We need to be both 100% in the Kingdom Realms and 100% on earth." I love that! We are here on earth to release the Kingdom, just as Jesus showed us. We are also seated in Heavenly Realms, what are we doing there?

John 3:13 TPT "No one has risen into the heavenly realm except the Son of Man who also exists in heaven."
*Footnote: While He was on the earth ministering, Jesus was also in heaven in the spirit realm. Being in two places at the same time is the privilege given to every believer.

This Christian journey is a fun and exciting one. Don't limit yourself to your giftings, pursue the Father and His Kingdom and learn more about who you are there so that we can get to that place of functioning as Jesus did in John 3:13, 100% here on earth and 100% in the Kingdom Realms.

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