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Dealing With Our Gateways

Gateways are entry points; they are the things or places where we access the realm of Heaven. There are two realms we encounter God in. One is the Kingdom of God that is within us. The other is the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven that is on the outside of us.

Psalm 24:7 in the Passion Translation says, "So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the King of Glory, for He is about to come through you."

I love how this translation puts it. The King of Glory is about to come THROUGH you! One thing that we as Christians have gotten wrong is that we have only really focused on the Kingdom of Heaven that is on the outside of us. We love to call Heaven down. We love to wait until Jesus shows up to release the glory. We love the Kingdom of Heaven that is on the outside of us. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is that has been our only focus. We have completely neglected the Kingdom of God that is within. We need to start accessing the Glory of God that is within us and this all starts with opening the Gateway of First Love.

The Glory of God dwells in the very core of who we are. The way to release this Glory is by opening up the first Gateway within us, First Love. We need to awaken our First Love with Yahweh again. All it took for me to open this Gateway was asking Holy Spirit to lead me and show me what to do. He led me this ancient door within me. I could see this glorious light trying to escape through the cracks of the door. There was nothing blocking my way. No chains around the door. There stood a door waiting for me to open it. I asked Holy Spirit, "What is blocking me from opening this door?" He replied, "Open your heart, let down your defenses and step in."

You see, growing up I have always been a private person. Keeping to myself. Being vulnerable before someone took a lot of work. And so the only hindrance for me with the Gateway of First Love was having to let my guards down and become vulnerable before Yeshua. When Holy Spirit told me to let my defenses down and step in, I could feel the anxiety of having to become vulnerable creep over me. Praise God that Holy Spirit was on my one side and my angel on the other. I drew from their strength and was able to open the door. As soon as I did that the glorious yellow, gold, sparkly light hit me and went straight through me. I was so overcome by the Love that was released in this Glory. I approached Yeshua, Who was waiting for me. I fell at His feet in awe of the pure love that was emanating from Him.

It was a very precious and beautiful moment. And what I noticed from that moment on was that the glory light was shining through the door I had opened and began to flood into my spirit. I had begun the process of working from the inside out.

Once this door is open we can start working on the Gateways of our Spirit. Becoming aware of them. Exercising them. Opening them. From there the Glory of God begins to flow into the Gateways of our Soul. Here we need to work on the sin we have allowed to block these Gateways. And then from there the Glory of God flows into and out of the Gateways of the Body.

It sounds easy enough but I can tell you that this process takes time. It takes time and relationship with Holy Spirit. He will show you what needs to be dealt with and how to deal with it. He is here to bring us into maturity.

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It is time to start dealing with our junk so that we can shine brightly, releasing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth as Sons and Daughters of Yahweh.

Love and blessings,