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May 2018

Dealing With Our Gateways

I have been on a journey since 2013 discovering and working on my Gateways. I was given a manual written by Ian Clayton and was drawn into his teaching on Gateways. I began to realise that I was living and operating from the outside in instead of the inside out. In other words, I was allowing outside circumstances to influence my flesh which would influence my soul leaving my spirit without much function in my three-part being. My soul would be empowered by my flesh which means that my soul would govern my entire being. This is not the way Yahweh created us. He created us in His image and since God is spirit (John 4:24) we are then spirit beings first. We should be governing from our spirit through our soul and out of our flesh. This is how we become the manifested Sons and Daughters of Yahweh here on earth (Romans 8:19). Read Moreā€¦