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Manifestation of Sons

This past Sunday I preached on how we are holy as He is holy. One thing that I have always been drawn to, since I was a teenager, is the Throne Room. I loved the portion in Revelation where John describes Yeshua and the Throne Room, with the angels and elders and creatures, all worshiping Yahweh.

I recently heard Ian Clayton share on this topic, so needless to say, I was all ears and ready to engage. He began to explain the function of the archangels before the fall of Lucifer. There were two angels, on either side of Yahweh's throne, they would look into the full glory of Yahweh and declare, "Holy is the Lord!" Then they would take that glory and open their wings to all creation and say, "They are holy as He is holy!" And then they would look at each other and say, "You are holy as He is holy!"

How beautiful is this!

Unfortunately, we know Lucifer got greedy and kept the glory for himself and ended up getting kicked out of Heaven. Isaiah 14:12-17.

This is when God created man, in His image, to carry the function of the archangels. He created man to gaze into His glory and worship Him and then to take all we have seen and reveal it to Creation and declare that "They are holy as He is Holy!" And then to arc with one another and declare, "You are holy as He is Holy!"

There is so much more than just living on Earth. Oh to be raptured daily into the presence of Yahweh, gaze into His glory and begin to release it here on Earth. To see each other and, instead of criticism and judgement, we declare, "You are holy as He is holy!"

Can you imagine what Earth and all Creation would be like if we all had to step into our true function as Sons???

I believe that day is coming, but it starts with you and me. If you don't understand it all, but it makes complete sense in your heart, then honour it. That is the beauty of mystery. We are living in very exciting times!

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